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My Pretti Story

My whole life I’ve always been so insecure about my lips because they were always so big. "Will I look right with colored

lipstick/lip-gloss?" I always asked myself. I then decided to take my own insecurities and turn it into something positive. This year I finally turned my dreams into reality and launched my own lip-gloss line “Pretti Lyps” Cosmetics, it wasn’t the easiest task being that I wanted to ensure quality product, so things took a little longer than expected.


I will be doing a whole line of product along the way. As women we tend to doubt our own beauty, I believe every girl should be able to flaunt their beauty FLAWS & ALL! Welcome to Pretti Lyps.

After working hard on Pretti Lyps cosmetics,finally i’m so excited to see my hard-work paying off. So,welcome to Pretti Lyps cosmetics. There are twelve lipgloss colors,matte lipsticks and three types of eyelashes. Also there are new items that will be launched  along the P.L. journey.

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